Efficient operations

Dispose your trash with ease and all the service at your door step.

More recycling

We recycle all your trash, divert it out of landfills and keep your city clean.

Money for waste

We take your trash and convert it into cash. Everything done through app.

Fully dedicated to finding the best solutions.

We're a team of team of 30, working day and night to save our Planet and also bring a smile to your face !

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Our Mission

Our mission is to solve waste management problem by providing solid waste collection at your doorstep while at the same time work towards a zero landfill future and do it in a green way that’s inclusive of India’s scrap dealers and waste pickers.

Our On-demand services allow booking a pickup to collect regular or any waste types (biodegradable, food, scrap, electronics, debris and other trash). It develops a solution for on-demand waste collection and recycling services offering a web and mobile application. It makes the collection process easier buying, segregating, and processing recyclable waste and delivering it to recycling factories.

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How Our App Works

Simply follow to use our app in an easy way.

Download Our App

In order to get some money out of your trash, get our app from PlayStore or AppStore.

Register or Login

If you are a new customer then you can easly register to our app or Login with your user name and password.

Request Pickup

Just click on "Pickup Request" using the TrashBack App and our Trash Pickup agents will be notified instantly.

Doorstep Pickup

TrashBack Agent picks upand weighs your trash at your doorstep. No segregation of trash required.

Instant Cashback

Your wallet is instantly credited during the Trash Pickup. You also get a Scratchcard which gets activated later.

Redeem Scratchcard

After 48-72 hours, your Scratchcard is activated and redeem extra cash valued according to type of trash.

How Our App Looks

Some of our user application screenshots