About Us

We are a Tech-Based Waste Management Company that provides cash for the trash and preserve the environment for future generation

About Us

India, covered in Trash, can be turned into Cash!

Urban India (about 377 million people) generates 62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste each year, of this about 43 million tonnes (70%) is collected and 11.9 million tonnes (20%) is treated. About 31 million tonnes (50%) is dumped in landfill sites.

With changing consumption patterns and rapid economic growth it is estimated that urban municipal solid waste generation will increase to 165 million tonnes in 2030.

62 million tonnes annually averages out to 450 grams of waste per person per day. However, there is a lot of variability in per capita waste generation in India, daily household municipal solid waste (MSW) generation ranges from 170 grams per person in small towns to 620 grams per person in large cities.

A 2007 study of Indian metro cities (cities with a population of over 1 million inhabitants) estimates MSW composition (by weight) to be 41% organic or biodegradable, 40% inert, 6% paper, 4% plastic, 4% textiles, 2% glass, 2% metals and 1% leather.

According to a 2014 India Planning Commission MSW study 51% of MSW is organic or biodegradable, 32% is inert or non-organic and 17% is recyclable waste.

Humans throw Anything, We collect Everything

We Collect all household solid waste

No we are not offending you. We all know that our environment has gone to a critical stage. We are just tring to help you by collecting all types and kinds of household waste(including unsegregated and bio-waste). No segregation required by user.

We understand your needs

On Demand Doorstep Pickup

In the world of Home Delivery we are giving you the power to trash to cash conversion with Extremely user-friendly App. Just go for a "Pickup Request" and we then handle the entire waste management process..

Be the master of your own cash

Want Cashback, Use TrashBack

We understand what money matters to all of us. What if you can earn some extra money out of your trash. No we are not kidding, User gets rewarded for all kinds of trash. The more valuable the trash, the more the user gets cash.

Be the solution. Not the pollution.

Save the Mother Earth

Every one wants to be a hero don't you. Well it's your chance then. Join us and Fight with us. Wait!!! The best part is you are getting money out of it. We work for a Greener and Cleaner Environment. We recycle all the trash we collect and divert them out of the landfills, thereby saving the environment.

It's time to make themselves proud

We employ Waste Workers and Ragpickers

Often people see them as a waste. Don't you think it's time to teach those people a lesson. Don't you think it's time to make our Ragpickers and Waste Workers feel proud again by giving a good life and a Good job. We employ the people who work in pathetic conditions and give them a proper job in a safe environment in our startup.

We sort out your mess

Promoting Source Segregation Through the App

Existing rules are tough to follow. We are mixing our own mess. Even if it is not mandatory, we reward users who segregate their wastes with extra cashback, thereby promoting a good habit.

Our Team

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